Known for his work in the entertainment industry, Bill is a screenwriter, producer and author of such movies and books as SCARECROW, SCARECROW SLAYER, .COM FOR MURDER and TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN Vols. 1-4.  Bill has over 15 years experience in motion picture sales and marketing and is the former Director of Marketing for York Entertainment and a regular participant of the American Film Market.  In repsonse to the growing online marketplace, Bill concentrated his efforts in online production creating a variety of media and websites for clients including Bienvenidos, Peace Arch Entertainment, Shoreline and Pandora Machine.


He has also launched his own publishing and entertainment development company Pulp 2.0 Press which has revived and relaunched e-book and print properties including THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT 13, BROTHER BLOOD, and noted graphic novels THE MIRACLE SQUAD, SCARLET IN GASLIGHT and the entire library of BIG BANG COMICS.




Bill  has Bachelor of Arts degrees in History and Media Arts as well as technical school experience from his service with the United States Air Force.


Bill is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.